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shows i've created

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people • place • power

people • place • power is a podcast that explores big questions about activism through the eyes of changemakers around the world who are creating change in unprecedented and underreported ways.

the podcast questions traditional notions of who has power, highlighting the work of activists, usually women and people of color, who gather strength from their communities to affect change.

my friend benjamin and i interviewed incredible activists from kenya to afghanistan to the united states with the goal of motivating listeners to support these activists and create change themselves.

for more information, visit our website or download our press kit


highly produced and deeply reported 30-50 minute narrative episodes 


Native American communities are still healing from centuries of genocide and discrimination.

These topics don't seem funny. But one woman, Native comedian Adrianne Chalepah, is advocating for Native communities by making people laugh.


Learn how in our first episode.

ep. 1: can humor heal


For 60 years, the Indian army has been allowed by the law to kill, torture, or arrest anyone for mere suspicion.

When the law doesn’t protect you, how do you protect yourself from the law? In Episode 2, learn how the Indigenous women of Manipur have been defending themselves and their communities from one of the largest armies in the world for decades using the power of their own bodies.

ep. 2: we are all manorama's mothers


in the snowy mountains of Colorado, in a little group of buildings many call a ghost town, there is a man named billy.

billy's a bit of a legend. He lives alone, and during the winter, he doesn't see anyone for months on end. But from his solitary, hermit-like lifestyle, he's somehow changed the face of climate science.

ep.3: an accidental activist

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For Abby Stein, home was the insulated Hasidic neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She grew up speaking mostly Yiddish and avoiding any and all pop culture. Eventually, she was ordained as a Rabbi and started a family. 


The only problem? Everyone thought she was a man.

ep.4: across the river, worlds away


How can we hold our governments accountable? It's a fundamental question of democracy, one that humans have been wrestling with for millenia.

But recently, technology in Afghanistan has disrupted the way we think about this problem and its potential solutions.

ep.5: an app for accountability


When Joy Oladokun was 10 years old, she saw a performance that made her realize she wanted to play music.​

Now, she's been named the top LGBTQ+ artist to watch. Joy writes music to process being gay in the church, living as a Black person in the US, and her obsession with puppets. She hopes her music can help you, too.

ep.6: the trap tracy chapman


activist chats

informal 15-20 minute conversations with activists in our communities

Copy of Ximena Ospina Post.png

ximena ospina

on being the only undocumented trans woman in law school in the US.

boumba BW.jpeg

nixon boumba

on the consequences of the corporate gold mining industry in hati


marisa rando

on making philanthropy more inclusive and community-based

Finn Lau Pic BW.jpeg

finn lau

on fighting for democracy in hong kong as an activist in exile

Copy of Ximena Ospina Post copy.png

nikil saval

on representing constituents' interests as a senator in philadelphia

shows i've created
episodes i've produced

episodes i've produced

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two episodes, one in english and one in bangla, about the history and importance of the bengali language and those who work to preserve it in the borough of queens in new york city. a project of the queens public library

our major minor voices


shows i've produced


the daily zeitgeist

a daily news and pop culture show hosted by jack o'brien and miles gray featuring guests including comedians, journalists, authors, and activists. the show processes and analyzes the biggest and newest news stories of the day.


a narrative podcast hosted by molly lambert that dives into the story of 90s hollywood madam heidi fleiss, who bore the consequences of american sexual hypocrisy. a kaleidoscopic look at sex, drugs, glamour, and corruption in los angeles.
Dear Owen Wilson Final 3000x3000 iHR (1).png

dear owen wilson

inspired by a letter blair socci wrote to owen wilson in 2007 professing her love, dear owen wilson is an improv show that interviews comedians about their favorite celebrities, ranging from the heartfelt and emotional to mischievious and absurd.

episodes i've been on

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a roundtable conversation on what the roe v. wade supreme court leak means to us as individuals and a society. we discuss our personal experiences with reproductive rights, the history of birth control, and orgs to support to preserve abortion access.

we are pro abortion

ethnically ambiguous


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immediately released after the roe v. wade leak, this episode covers our thoughts on the future of abortion in america, the responsibility of the democratic party, and the non-profits and mutual aid networks that are responding to the situation.

roe v. wade

the daily zeitgeist


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an interview about the relationship between columbia university and the west harlem community, including the university's predatory practices that have displaced people without providing the agreed upon compensations.

columbia and west harlem


shows i've produced
episodes i've been on

tape syncs

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kit includes

  • zoom H4n pro

  • audio-technica AT875R line and gradient condenser microphone with shock mount

  • audio-technica studio headphones

  • weighted telescoping tabletop stand

listen to a sample

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(recorded in a wood floored home office) 

tape syncs
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